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The following publications are produced by the Safe Routes Partnership for use in advancing Safe Routes to School, active transportation, and shared use in all communities. To search for a publication on a specific topic, use the advanced search tool and start typing in "Safe Routes Partnership" in the author field, then select it from the list that appears.

Safe Routes to Parks Action Framework

The Safe Routes to Parks Activating Communities program developed and delivered a webinar to support its ten communities in creating safe and equitable access to parks and open and green spaces using the Safe Routes to Parks Action Framework.

Fact Sheet
Roll Bicycle Education Into Your Physical Education Program

When physical education programs include Safe Routes to School, both programs achieve their goals.

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Roll Up to a Bicycle Skills Clinic

A bicycle skills clinic, sometimes called a bike rodeo, offers a chance for elementary school students and their families to learn and practice bike handling skills in a fun, safe, and encouraging atmosphere.

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Safe Bicycling Tips

Riding a bicycle is a healthy, fun, and fast way to get around town and to school. Prepare for a fun trip by following these easy tips!

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How to be a Parent Champion for Safe Routes to School

Learn about how parents and families can get involved in Safe Routes to School, though data collection, school and neighborhood improvements, policy change, and programs to enable and encourage more walking and bicycling.

Volunteer Toolkit

Volunteers are often crucial to the success and sustainability of a Safe Routes to School program. These people give their time and skills to support students and schools. 

The Wheels on the Bike Go Round & Round

As more and more people are bicycling in the United States, a bike train can be a strong part of a larger Safe Routes to School program, initiatives that thousands of communities across the nation are establishing.

Get Rolling With a Bike Train Program

This handout covers frequently asked questions for starting a bike train program. This resource is great for school staff and principals!

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Step In to a Walking School Bus Program!

Planning a WSB might seem complicated, but resources are available to get you started on the right foot. This handout includes FAQs for starting your WSB, this resource is intended for school adminstrators, principals, teachers, and parents.

Let's Go For A Walk

Walk audits can be informal and casual, or can include city councilmembers, traffic engineers, and detailed forms. In this toolkit, we give you the tools to hold your own walk audit that will help you achieve the goals of your community.