Join the Back to School 2020 Working Group!

We have appreciated all of the resources and ideas you have shared about keeping Safe Routes to School programs running during COVID-19. As we move into summer break, many of you have started thinking about what your programs will look like when school resumes. We are putting together a Back to School 2020 Working Group to help develop strategies and resources for effectively implementing Safe Routes to School programs this fall.

What’s Next for Congress to Address Coronavirus?

Since our last post in early April describing the CARES Act, Congress has refilled the pot of funding for small business loans and provided funding to hospitals and testing. It is much less clear at this point what is next as Congress tries to address COVID-19 and its impact on the economy.

Advocating for Essential Transit Options: Active Transportation Advocates as Allies

Local and state governments are issuing stay at home orders and asking that only essential workers leave home for work and for everyone to stay home unless they have an essential trip like getting groceries or going to medical appointments. Many people do not have the privilege of staying home and will continue to require transportation options to get to and from essential jobs, grocery stores, and other services. This pandemic shines a spotlight on everyone’s need for safe, affordable and healthy transportation options and makes it clear that public transit is an essential service.

Open Streets, Shared Streets, Healthy Streets—Creating Mobility and Physical Activity Solutions Now and for the Future

family biking on an open street

Contributing authors: Margo Pedroso, Marisa Jones, Michelle Lieberman, Kari Schlosshauer, Demi Espinoza, and Cass Isidro

Community-led Art Installation Encourages Safer Streets Near Old Stadium Park – And Serves as a Model for Oahu

This blog post was written by Margaux Mennesson and Colby Takeda.

painting the intersection


Equitable Community Engagement in the Time of Social Distancing

walk audit

While traditional community engagement activities like neighborhood walk audits are not possible during COVID-19, there are creative ways to continue equitable community engagement during the time of social distancing.