Financial Help for Nonprofits During Covid-19

Congress has passed three different pieces of legislation to help address the wide-ranging impact of Coronavirus. Several components of those new laws can help nonprofits survive and hopefully retain employees during this time of great challenges.

Advocating for Active Transportation in the Time of Covid-19

woman biking with a toddler

The City of Philadelphia closed a major road to cars to create more space for people to walk and bike at a socially safe distance during the covid-19 pandemic.

Safe Routes to School and Beyond- What to Do Now?

During these unprecedented times, we’ve heard or seen a number of folks asking about ideas for continuing this important work when schools are closed. How can we still encourage walking and biking safely? How can we support parents looking for ways to keep their kids active at home? How can we ensure that we’re collectively ready to hit the ground running again when schools open back up and we resume our normal daily lives?

During Social Distancing We Need Safe and Accessible Open Spaces

walking in a park

Five Ideas for Effectively Managing a Remote Workplace

child as coworker

Suddenly find yourself working from home with some new smaller "coworkers"? We can help.