Ballot Box Results on Key Propositions

Last week, California voters rejected Proposition 6, which would have repealed the SB1 transportation funding increases, by a ten point margin. As we noted in previous editions of the e-news, Proposition 6 would have resulted in a self-inflicted crisis on our state’s transportation system, not only removing billions of already allocated dollars, but rendering virtually impossible any future increases in revenue. We are happy to see that crisis averted for now, especially because the Active Transportation Program will remain funded at much healthier levels going forward rather than experiencing $100 million per year in cuts. Unfortunately, Californians also rejected Proposition 10, which would have removed restrictions currently in place on jurisdictions’ authority to enact rent control ordinances. With evictions and displacement an ever more frequent fact of life in our state, allowing jurisdictions to consider mechanisms, including rent control, to enable renters to stay in their homes should be a priority.

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