Statewide News: Complete Streets Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature - Your Help Needed!

We’re proud to announce that SB 127, the Complete Streets Bill, passed the California State Assembly last week and is headed to Governor Newsom’s desk. Along with the California Bicycle Coalition, California Walks, the American Heart Association and AARP, the Safe Routes Partnership is a proud cosponsor of SB 127, which will require that CalTrans implement Complete Streets improvements on the 17% of the state highway system that runs through census designated places.  In other words, the corridors that belong to the state but that function as local streets will now see Complete Streets improvements. We are humbled by the vote margin (58 ayes to 17 noes), and especially pleased that legislators clearly saw the flaws in CalTrans’ belated and wildly inflated cost estimate for the bill. Our partners at CalBike have compiled all the cosponsors’ statements and we urge you to sign the petition to the Governor to urge his signature.

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