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Thousands Tell USDOT to Count People Instead of Cars; AASHTO Says Your Opinion Shouldn't Matter

Back in May, we asked you to take action against the US Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) proposed “system performance measures” that would have measured the speed of cars and trucks in seven different ways, while devoting no measures at all to people walking, bicycling, and taking transit. 

Remembering Deb Hubsmith

Deb riding a bike

Targeted Solutions: Countermeasures for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

The US DOT recently enacted a rule that will require states and metropolitan planning organizations to set targets for bicycle and pedestrian safety. Targeted and effective interventions will be needed to achieve desired progress in reducing fatalities and injuries.

How will state and metropolitan transportation stakeholders know what to implement and where funding and resources should be allocated? No need to reinvent the wheel—they can look to proven strategies, called countermeasures.

The Edible Rail Trail: Palmer, Alaska’s Homegrown Solution for Walkable Food Access

In 1935, as part of the New Deal, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration moved 203 Midwestern families from their economically depressed farms to form the Matanuska Colony in what is now Palmer, Alaska. These agricultural families migrated from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, approximately 45 miles north of Anchorage, 24 years before Alaska became a state. With 40 acres allocated per family, these farming colonists cultivated the land into what is now the heart of Alaska’s agricultural production.

Establishing Shared Use Agreements for School Facilities

This blog post was authored by Safe Routes Partnership research advisor Christina Galardi.

Update on the Next Safe Routes to School National Conference

After the wrap-up of the 2016 Safe Routes to School Conference in Columbus, OH, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about when the next conference will take place. Thanks again to the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission for hosting an informative, inspiring, and fun gathering that has generated even more interest and excitement around bringing together advocates and practitioners from across the country for information-sharing and networking.