Safe Routes Partnership: Using Coalition Building to Uplift Equity

Key takeaway:                         

  • Collaborative, comprehensive efforts with multi-sector stakeholders are needed to work toward equitable built environments.


  • The article references key research supporting the need for active transportation improvements to increase physical activity in underserved communities.
    • Twice as many children from low-income households walk or bike to school than from high-income households.
    • Sidewalks in African American communities are 38 times more likely to be of low quality.
    • Children in neighborhoods without parks, playgrounds, or recreation centers have 20-45% greater risk of becoming overweight. 


  • This review article highlights the importance of equity in planning for active transportation and livable communities. The article references the work of the Safe Routes Partnership in implementing the Voices for Healthy Kids Initiative and convening the National Active Transportation Diversity Task Force.
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