Effects of Two Types of Activity on the Performance of Second-, Third-, and Fourth-Grade Students on a Test of Concentration

Key Takeaway: Short bouts of physical activity like walking may be associated with improved concentration among some children.


  • Performance on a test of concentration was significantly higher for fourth-grade students who participated in walking compared with those who were seated before the test, among second and third-graders, scores improved but were not statistically significant.


  • Fifty-four second-grade, 71 third-grade, and 52 fourth-grade children were randomly assigned to either sit in a classroom or do 15 minutes of walking and stretching before a test of concentration.

Caterino MC, Polak ED. (1999). Effects of two types of activity on the performance of second-, third-, and fourth-grade students on a test of concentration. Perceptual and Motor Skills. 89(1):245-248.

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