Taking Back the Streets and Sidewalks

How Safe Routes to School and Community Safety Initiatives Can Overcome Violence and Crime

This report provides a primer for Safe Routes to School professionals looking to address community safety threats that may discourage or endanger students walking or bicycling to school. 

In addition, the report is intended to be a reference for those working on violence prevention who are seeking new allies, resources, and approaches in the Safe Routes to School movement. The report examines ways in which Safe Routes to School and community safety efforts overlap and complement each other. The report primarily focuses on approaches to support personal safety for children and teens during the trip to and from school, but broader community strategies are also discussed in the course of providing background and exploring more comprehensive solutions to violence in communities. The report’s overall goal is to increase the safety and health of children and youth, and ensure that communities become more equitable places.

report cover : Taking Back the Streets and Sidewalks
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