Safe Routes to School as a Tool to Address Chronic Absenteeism


This webinar from December 15, 2014 discusses the relationship between student transportation and attendance.

What is the relationship between student transportation and attendance? The Safe Routes Partnership is teaming up with Attendance Works to explore how we can help students get to school every day. This webinar will discuss how transportation can be a barrier to school attendance and highlight Safe Routes to School as a resource to help communities address chronic absenteeism. Panelists will share community based solutions, best practices, and opportunities to partner with organizations and groups that can be allies in ensuring students have access tosafe and reliable transportation to school.


  • Hedy Chang, Attendance Works
  • Sara ZimmermanSafe Routes to School Safe Routes Partnership
  • John Gioia, Contra Costa County
  • Jane Ogilive, Erie 1 BOCES
  • Allyson Trenteseaux, Providence Children's Initiative
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