Authentic Middle School Youth Engagement in Safe Routes to School


This webinar from September 5, 2013 focuses on working with middle school youth and looks at programs that have effectively engaged youth in active transportation.

Successfully engaging middle school youth in Safe Routes to School projects and programs can prove challenging for advocates, facilitators, teachers and after schoolprograms. There are myriad opportunities for better engaging this demographic by working with them to build leadership skills through thoughtfully designed and well executed youth engagement programs. This webinar will provide an overview for working with middle school youth and look at programs and practices that have effectively and authentically engaged youth in active transportation efforts around their schools.


  • Arthur Orsini, facilitator, Urbanthinkers
  • Leah Stender, program manager, WalkSanDiego
  • Alyssa Simon, youth leadership coordinator, The Food Trust
  • Dave Cowan, program manager, Safe Routes to School Safe Routes Partnership
webinar slide
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