Shared Use: Reports, Evaluations, and Toolkits

This resource documents findings from a survey of school principals in Kentucky about shared use of school facilities with community agencies during non-school hours. The survey was intended to gather baseline data about shared use in Kentucky as well as challenges, opportunities, and best practices for establishing shared use.


This toolkit is a guide for schools and communities interested in establishing a shared use agreement, with checklists, model agreements, and suggested partners and funding opportunities.

School Facilities Cost Calculator

The calculator is fully customizable to local school districts and contexts 

Toolkit, Model Policy

This document provides an overview of joint use agreements with steps and model policies to facilitate implementation.

Report, Case Study

This resource provides detailed information about joint use, lessons learned from case studies, and recommendations for establishing joint use.

Report, Case Study

To assist advocates and local government attorneys in assessing liability risks, the National Policy & Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity (NPLAN) commissioned a 50-state survey of the laws governing liability for recreational use of school facilities during non-school hours. 

Report, Case Study

This report summarizes discussion from the convening series "Unlocking the Playground: Achieving Equity in Physical activity Spaces" in four locations in CA in 2009.

Report, Model Policy

This report summarizes laws addressing liability for use of recreational facilities from each state.

Toolkit, Model Policy, Case Study

This toolkit shares what lessons learned from successful joint use agreements, offering guidelines and templates for other communities seeking to increase their own access to school recreational facilities.

Fact Sheet, Report, Model Policy

This report summarizes laws addressing joint use from each state.