Childhood Asthma and Exposure to Traffic and Nitrogen Dioxide

This study examines the association between traffic-related pollution and childhood asthma among 208 children in 10 communities in Southern California.

  • Results demonstrate an association between increased asthma and closer residential distance to a freeway, indicating that respiratory health in children is adversely affected by local exposures to outdoor Nitrogen Dioxide or other freeway-related pollutants.
  • The implications of these data are important and relevant because they strengthen emerging evidence that air pollution can cause asthma and that traffic-related pollutants are partly responsible for this association.

Gauderman, James W., Avol, Edward, Lurmann, Fretd, Kuenzli, Nino, Gilliland, Frank, Peters, John, and McConnell, Rob. “Childhood Asthma and Exposure to Traffic and Nitrogen Dioxide.” Epidemiology. 16.6 (2005): 737-743.

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