Healthy Communities: Reports, Evaluations, and Toolkits
2020    Toolkit

A calendar to keep you healthy with activities for you every day.

2020    Toolkit

A guide by St. Paul's Public Schools on ways to stay active during COVID while still remaining safe and healthy.

2020    Toolkit, Video

An interactive document activity for children in school to educate and encourage physical activity during COVID-19.

2020    Toolkit

A guide on how to continue keeping your kids active and safe by biking and walking during COVID. 

2020    Fact Sheet, Toolkit

A helpful information pamphlet on how the Safe Moves Harness works and precautions to take while using it.

2020    Toolkit

A manual on how to remain safe while using the SPPS Bike Fleet. All information is in accordance with the Minnesota Department of Health and CDC Guidelines. 

2020    Report

Whether people are shopping at a supermarket or corner store, getting food from a food pantry, eating at a local restaurant, or picking up produce at a farmers market or community garden, everyone needs a safe and reliable way to get to the places where they obtain foods.

2019    Toolkit

Making sure that community members can travel safely by foot, bus, or bike to get to where they need to go is an essential part of a healthy community. As a result, it is important that the concept of Vision Zero be fully implemented in every part of District of Columbia.

2016    Toolkit, Website

"Be A Roll Model" is a campaign to encourage everyone to model safe behaviors to enhance the safety of all road users, including those who bicycle.

Smart School Siting Tool Cover
2016    Toolkit, Website

EPA developed the Smart School Siting Tool to help school agencies and other local government agencies work together to better align school siting and other community development decisions.