Healthy Communities Reports

Healthy Communities: Reports, Evaluations, and Toolkits
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Taking Steps Toward Mobility Justice: An Invitation to Learn More and Take Action

We are pleased to offer the Mobility Justice resource page, which outlines three actions that advocates can take to reimagine how people move through their communities and address the inequities built into our transportation system. 

NACTO City Transportation Updates

NACTO has compiled a list of actions cities have taken to promote safe transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strategic Storytelling Toolkit

This toolkit will guide your planning for effective storytelling and elevating voices in your community.


Cities and transit agencies are taking action now to address the most critical impacts of the coronavirus and ensure that essential services operate in their communities. To help city and agency staff plan responses to the pandemic, NACTO is regularly updating a summary of rapidly-deployed responses.

Making Strides: 2020 State Report Cards on Support for Walking, Bicycling, and Active Kids and Communities

We’ve developed state report cards which provide a snapshot of how supportive each state is of walking, bicycling, and physical activity for children and adults as of 2020.

NACTO Recovery School Streets Guide

A Guide on how to provide outdoor classroom and recreation space, and safe pick up/drop off zones, along with health check zones during COVID-19.

Staying Active During COVID-19

A guide by St. Paul's Public Schools on ways to stay active during COVID while still remaining safe and healthy.

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Milwaukee Safe Routes Family Activity Guide

An interactive document activity for children in school to educate and encourage physical activity during COVID-19.

At-Home Walking and Biking Guide

A guide on how to continue keeping your kids active and safe by biking and walking during COVID. 

Using the SPPS Bike Fleet Safely During COVID

A manual on how to remain safe while using the SPPS Bike Fleet. All information is in accordance with the Minnesota Department of Health and CDC Guidelines.