July 2021

Safe Routes to School E-News

Issue #184: July 2021

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  1. SAFE Routes Back 2 School Launch 1 Resources Available Now!
  2. SAFE Routes Back 2 School Zoom Session #2
  3. Promote Safe Routes to Parks with NEW Storyboard Resource
  4. House Transportation Bill Rolls Along
  5. New Book: "Designing and Teaching Fitness Courses"

1. SAFE Routes Back 2 School Launch 1 Resources Available Now!

Launch 1 Resources

  • One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: COVID-19’s Impact on Youth Physical Activity and Safe Routes to School - This new report helps paint the picture of how COVID-19 has impacted physical activity for youth and families, examines how the past year has changed the way people move throughout their communities, and offers recommendations for supporting physical activity moving forward.
  • Why Walking and Rolling to School and Why Now: Talking Points for Safe Routes to School in 2021 - This new resource helps identify some of the challenges that have either surfaced because of or were exacerbated by the pandemic and offers talking points to outline how Safe Routes to School can provide the tools to address some of those concerns.
  • 2020 Back to School Guide - Revisit the 2020 guide for a comprehensive set of short-term, actionable recommendations for implementing Safe Routes to School programs remotely, in-person, and/or through a hybrid mode.
  • Safe Routes Back 2 School Zoom Session #1 - Safe Routes Partnership held an informal Zoom session on preparing Safe Routes to School programs for Back to School 2021. This session featured Safe Routes to School program highlights by Georgia Commute Schools and Monterey County Health Department. Review presentation materials from our first Zoom session and don’t forget to register for our second session on August 4th here!
  • Tactical Urbanism and Safe Routes to School - Tactical Urbanism and Pop-up Safe Routes to School projects help show how easy it is to make changes that make it safer and more inviting for kids to walk and bicycle to school. Consult these resources for ideas on implementing a pop-up project in your community over the summer and during Back to School 2021.

Explore all the resources here. Share these resources and accompanying graphics by visiting the SAFE Routes Back 2 School promotional toolkit!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! - SAFE Routes Back 2 School Launch 2 resources will be released on July 21st.

2. Safe Routes Back 2 School Zoom Session #2

On Tuesday, August 4th, from 2-3 pm Eastern, the Safe Routes Partnership is hosting a free webinar:

Safe Routes Back 2 School 2021 Zoom Session #2

August 4, 2021, 2-3 pm Eastern

As we begin to round the corner on COVID-19, schools across the country are planning to welcome back most, if not all, students for in-person learning this fall. Join us for an informal Zoom session on preparing your Safe Routes to School program for Back to School 2021. Learn about Back to School resources from Safe Routes Partnership, see highlights from Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)’s Safe Routes to School program that engaged students and families during the pandemic, and connect with other Safe Routes practitioners during informal breakout sessions.

 NOTE: There will be brief presentations by Safe Routes Partnership and PBOT Safe Routes to School practitioners at the start of the meeting. The rest of the session will be reserved for connecting with others during breakout groups based on discussion topics. We will not be facilitating the discussion but we will provide guiding questions. Please participate in this brief survey to let us know what breakout discussion topics you’d like to see at the upcoming Zoom session!

Register for the webinar here.

3. Promote Safe Routes to Parks with NEW Storyboard Resource

Safe Routes Partnership is passionate about improving park access for everyone. Our visual storyboard, Why Safe Routes to Parks: Stories, Data, and Resources to Illustrate the Mission- illustrated with statistics and successes - helps explain the Safe Routes to Parks program and invites you to join us in advocating for equitable parks in your community and everywhere. #OurParkAndRecStory

Use these 12 illustrated graphics to spread awareness, highlight your work, and advocate for equitable parks. Access the promotional toolkit here.

4. House Transportation Bill Rolls Along

The House transportation bill -- with significant improvements for Safe Routes, walking, biking, and rolling -- passed the full House of Representatives last week.  Read our federal policy blog for more details, including how this bill may intersect with the bipartisan infrastructure deal that President Biden recently struck with a group of Senators.

5. New Book: "Designing and Teaching Fitness Education Courses"

Safe Routes Partnership would like to congratulate our friend and colleague Jayne D. Greenberg on the release of her book, Designing and Teaching Fitness Education Courses!

Fitness education is often overlooked for various reasons: no equipment, no weight room, large class size, or lack of professional development. Designing and Teaching Fitness Education Courses provides real solutions for all these issues. This book offers secondary-level physical educators innovative ideas, practical answers, and guidance in implementing fitness education programming that will meet the needs of all students.