Investing in Safety & Equity

We Support the Regional Transportation Measure 26-218 & you should, too!

Everyone deserves a safe and efficient transportation system, no matter how they get around. This November, the Get Moving transportation measure, which we helped craft through our work with the Getting There Together Coalition, will make long-overdue safety investments on 17 of the most dangerous and congested regional roadways in the greater Portland region.

The measure will:

  • build crosswalks, sidewalks, bikelanes;
  • provide annual resources for safety improvements and Safe Routes to School projects;
  • create a new, regional Youth Transit Access Pass that provides free transit passes to youth aged 14-18 across the region;
  • and much, much more!

We're working with the campaign and would love your help to get the word out about this progressive and transformative transportation measure.

Can you join us as a volunteer on an upcoming phone bank?


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Safe Routes to School Pacific Northwest