Oregon 2019 Legislative Update


With the First Chamber deadline quickly approaching, we're monitoring key transportation and climate bills advancing in the Oregon Legislature. Here are just a few bills we're watching:

SB 561 - Currently sitting in the Joint Transportation Committee, SB 561 would reduce the match requirement for local jurisdictions applying for ODOT SRTS grants. We're eager for a hearing on this bill that would cast funding opportunities more broadly across the state. 

HB 2007 - The Clean Diesel Bill was dropped earlier this week, and offers promising fixes to the 2017 legislation related to the VW settlement. HB 2007 establishes clean diesel standards, equitably allocates VW settlement funds and addresses idling in high-impacted communities. 

HB 2020 - Although it's still held up in the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction, the Clean Energy Jobs bill is on the move, with a public hearing "roadshow" well underway. We've signed on as partners with Oregon Just Transition Alliance and Renew Oregon, with enthusiastic support for an Oregon Green New Deal that will protect and empower communities directly impacted by emissions and climate change.

HB 2770 - Also still sitting in its assigned committee, the Autonomous Vehicle (AV) bill has seemingly gone quiet since the start of session. The chief sponsor identified this bill as a high priority, so we should expect to see a hearing scheduled soon. HB 2770 is the product of the State's AV Task Force policy recommendations last year for AV testing in Oregon. Meanwhile, the Task Force has resumed its subcommittee meetings and is working towards a September deadline for an additional report that is expected to establish an AV deployment policy.


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