How Should Metro Invest in Projects to Support Walking, Biking & Access to Transit?

Once every three years, the greater Portland area's regional government, Metro, opens a competitive grant process called Regional Flexible Funds Allocation (RFFA). This is a chance for cities throughout the region to fund new transportation projects. 

Projects funded through the RFFA funding cycle align with the four primary Regional Transportation Plan priorities for investment in our community:

  • equity: reduce disparities and barriers faced by communities of color, people in poverty, and people with low English proficiency
  • safety: reduce fatal and severe injury crashes, particularly focusing on the High Crash Corridor network and equity focus areas identified in the Regional Transportation Plan
  • climate: expand transit, complete regional active transportation networks, and leverage emerging technology to meet Climate Smart Strategy policies
  • congestion: manage congestion and travel demand through low-cost, high value solutions.

Cities and counties around the region submitted 23 proposed projects to qualify for federal transportation funds targeted to meet these goals. The proposals add up to about $78 million, which is nearly double the funding available, so projects will need to be prioritized by Metro Council. 

From now until October 7th, you can submit public comment which will help decide how the region spends $43 million to improving walking, biking and access to transit. Not all projects will be funded, so it’s extra important for you to make your voice heard if you think there are projects the region should prioritize. 

Your input needed before October 7

Take Metro's survey to learn more about each project and provide your thoughts on how funds should be spent on projects to improve walking, biking, and access to transit. 

To provide input, you may also: 


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