Shout Outs and Sound Off

Beth RichardsWe love it when Safe Routes to School volunteers and champions share what is happening in their community with us!

So let's give some shout outs - through photos - of some great local work. Let's hear from you! Sound off and let me know what issues you are facing when it comes to engaging more parents, students and schools in Safe Routes to School. What resources could the Safe Routes Partnership provide to help you engage more volunteers, etc.?  Send me your thoughts via email at Please keep sending us your great stories and photos, like us on Facebook and share our posts.  The more we share our successes and talk together, the more people will join us for a walk or ride and the stronger the Safe Routes to School movement will become.

Check out these great local successes and thanks again for all you do!

Sunset magazineKara Stergile is showing just how easy it is get yourself going with a walking or bicycling trip to school in Glendale, CA, and now she is inspiring others along the west coast with this terrific article in the latest Sunset Magazine.  

 Doug Odom bike trainBallew shared this photo of a great bike train enroute to Odom Elementary School in Austin, TX.  



 Olson Elementary School Bike to School Day rackOlson Elementary School in MN is growing their program by participating in the Fire Up Your Feet program and rocked it on National Bike to School Day. Good thing their Fire Up Your Feet award for participation is helping them add a bike rack!