Mississippi is Rolling with Bicycle Month

Jay ThompsonAlong with the transition from cold to a warm climate, more and more cyclists will be getting out to enjoy the beautiful sights the state has to offer. It’s a great thing that May is National Bike Month and many Mississippians will be taking advantage of the camaraderie established among cyclists. Along with the Mississippi State Department of Health, Mississippi schools, communities and organizations are offering training seminars and educational pieces on bicycle/pedestrian safety.

While we are currently ranked 38th in the nation, promoting National Bike Month in our state will hopefully ignite more passion for bicycling in Mississippi. We’re making great strides with promoting bicycling not only through the Safe Routes to School Mississippi Network, but through partnering organizations as well. Our goal is to see that the citizens of Mississippi are educated on the benefits of bicycling and that they also feel safe while doing it.

If you’re not a cyclist, then what better time to convert to one than during National Bike Month? Here in Mississippi there are statewide coalitions as well as local cycling groups you can join. In Jackson, MS the Jackson Metro Cyclist will be sponsoring social rides from May through September. If you’re a beginner, there are rides that will accommodate you. Beginner rides will be geared towards getting cyclists used to riding in groups and making them aware of their surroundings while cycling. Rob Logan is the contact for interested beginner and he can be reached at (601) 940-5935 or via email at rlogan@entergy.com. Intermediate riders may contact Jeff Finch via email at js3finch@comcast.net. Their weekly rides will be approximately 26 miles at a moderate pace of 18 mph.

Regardless of what your level of cycling is, we encourage you to get out and put your feet to the pedals with safe cycling in the month of May. We trust that you will find it to be an enjoyable experience as well as a healthy source of physical activity. The websites listed below are links to other activities happening around the state during National Bike Month.