Get With the Student Transportation Department: They Move Students Safely

Dave CowanEver find yourself banging your head against the wall trying to advance a Safe Routes to School program across multiple schools or even an entire district? Worry not; there are plenty of other goose-egged foreheads (and dented walls) across the country that are in your same shoes. While there certainly are many issues to grapple with, these hurdles can be overcome by forming strong partnerships with those already involved in the process at the school, district and city level. It is ideal to partner with your student transportation department since their job is to move students safely.

The Safe Routes Partnership has been hosting a series of webinars aimed at connecting these partners with Safe Routes to School practitioners through education and mutual understanding. The most recent webinar and action brief, “Maximizing the District-Wide Impact of Safe Routes to School: Educating School District Transportation Departments” worked to inform attendees about the many competing roles and responsibilities of student transportation departments and the multiple strategies that they can approach to support more walking and bicycling to school. Below is a link to a recording of the webinar and both action briefs focused on engaging student transportation departments in Safe Routes to School.

Maximizing District-Wide Impact of Safe Routes to School: Educating School District Transportation Departments

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