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Introducing the National Learning Network Blog

Robert PingAs I write this I am sitting on an Amtrak train from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR after leading a technical assistance presentation and workshop for the local CPPW grantees (Communities Putting Prevention to Work, a CDC-funded policy and program effort).

Introducing the Local Practice & Policy Blog

Dave CowanIn Atlanta, I’m sitting in a conference room with roughly 30 advocates from the public health sector who are here to talk about the work they are doing throughout the country in preventative health. We circle the room introducing ourselves and like many people, I’m temporarily distracted from the other introductions as I consider what it is I want to divulge about myself.

Take Action. Keep the Faith. Build Support.

Deb Hubsmith

People often ask me how I became the director of the Safe Routes Partnership and where the movement is headed now that the program is under attack by some members of Congress.

About Our New Look

DirectorDebWelcome to the new website of the Safe Routes Partnership! The beginning of a new year seems to be the perfect time for a change to the Safe Routes Partnership’s website. The new color scheme, graphics and wonderful photos now reflect the vibrancy and energy of the national Safe Routes to School movement.

Introducing the Research Blog

KelechiHi Safe Routes advocates! My name is Kelechi Uzochukwu, and as administrative associate for the Safe Routes Partnership, one of my responsibilities is to provide useful and up-to-date studies and publications related to the Safe Routes to School movement.

Introducing the National Policy & Advocacy Blog

Margo PedrosoWelcome to my new blog on federal policy! I am Margo Pedroso, Deputy Director for the Safe Routes Partnership.  One of my primary responsibilities is to lobby for the Safe Routes to School program on Capitol Hill.  I work to make sure Senators and Representatives are educated about the important work happening all across the country with the assistance of the federal transportation funds.