Managing Our Systems for an Effective State and National Learning Network

Kathy CookeHi, my name is Kathy Cooke, and I'm network coordinator for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership! Even though I battle daily to get my two sons to put on a jacket or long pants during Portland's rainier months, I've found ways to make sure other "systems" are in place that help them get safely to and from school. We have tools at the ready to fix their bike brakes or pump air in their tires.

It's a No Brainer: Active Kids = Smarter Kids

KelechiTrue or False: Physically active children perform better academically than their less active counterparts. TRUE! But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Homework assignment: Engage local leaders as advocates

Margo PedrosoSince the release of the Senate transportation bill back in November, we have faced the specter of a transportation bill in which state departments of transportation would make the sole decisions about whether to dedicate any funding to Safe Routes to School, bicycling and walking.


The Transportation Transformation

Deb HubsmithRecently, as I returned home after discussions in mid-February regarding national bicycle advocacy unification plans, I was blown away by the number of people – kids, parents, commuters, racers and residents – who were bicycling (and smiling while they traveled) in my hometown of Fairfax, California (San Francisco Bay Area). 

Transportation Bill: Fits and Starts; Action Still Needed

Margo PedrosoWith Congress in recess this week, we have a short breather. So I’m taking this opportunity to bring you up to speed on where things stand on the transportation bill. The past three weeks have been action-packed—and there’s more to come next week and beyond.


Take Action. Keep the Faith. Build Support.

Deb Hubsmith

People often ask me how I became the director of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership and where the movement is headed now that the program is under attack by some members of Congress.

About Our New Look

DirectorDebWelcome to the new website of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership! The beginning of a new year seems to be the perfect time for a change to the National Partnership’s website. The new color scheme, graphics and wonderful photos now reflect the vibrancy and energy of the national Safe Routes to School movement.

Introducing the Research Blog

KelechiHi Safe Routes advocates! My name is Kelechi Uzochukwu, and as administrative associate for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, one of my responsibilities is to provide useful and up-to-date studies and publications related to the Safe Routes to School movement.

Patria Saepius

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