National Bike to School Day

May is National Bike Month AND National Physical Fitness Month, which means there are lots of reasons for kids and adults to get motivated to add physical activity into their daily lives through bicycling and walking to school and around the community. Here are three ideas for harnessing the momentum around physical activity to get your school moving this month:

  • Fire up your active school: It’s not too late to register and start tracking your physical activity as part of the May Fire Up Your Feet Activity Challenge. Schools in Oregon, SW Washington, Virginia, Baltimore, DC, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire could win awards of up to $2,000 for health and wellness initiatives!
  • Start a walking school bus or bike train: Walking school buses and bike trains are fun ways to interact with other families and strengthen community connections. Organize or join a bike train for kids and families at your school.
  • Strengthen your school’s wellness policy: School policies can impact the amount of physical activity that children receive on a regular basis. Because of this, it’s important to be able to identify both barrier policies, which discourage, prohibit, or otherwise present barriers to physical activity, and supportive policies, which encourage, support, or enable physical activity opportunities. Find resources to help you develop and improve your school’s wellness policy.

You can link to the National Bike Month site for more resources and information about hundreds of events nationwide and register your bike to school day event and download free planning resources by visiting

Then share your success stories by posting comments and photos on our Facebook page, we love seeing what is happening in communities around the country.

And don’t forget, Walk to School Day will be celebrated this fall on October 8, 2014 – check out Fire Up Your Feet resources to really ignite your plans this year and celebrate the entire month of October!