Shared Use: Fact Sheets
Fact Sheet, Report, Model Policy

This report summarizes laws addressing joint use from each state.

Fact Sheet, Research

This brief summarizes research on community access to school sport and recreation facilities outside of school hours, as well as studies that examine the shared use of school facilities and programs with other community groups or agencies. 

report cover
Fact Sheet

In October 2011, Active Living Research published a research synthesis, School Policies on Physical Education and Physical Activity, that summarizes the peer-reviewed literature on school physical education and physical activity policies, and offers policy implications and areas where additional research is needed.

Fact Sheet

This resource provides information about developing funding and policy support for joint use of school facilities.

Fact Sheet

This resource answers frequently asked questions about establishing joint use for school facilities.

Fact Sheet, Case Study

Research has consistently demonstrated that students’ academic achievement isinfluenced by a variety of conditions outside the school, including their physical, social, emotional and economic circumstances.