Shared Use: Fact Sheets
2014    Fact Sheet

This resource was created to provide an example of shared use beyond the school setting. 

2013    Fact Sheet, Research

This resource is designed to introduce the concept of shared use to spanish speaking populations. 

report cover
2013    Fact Sheet, Case Study

This two page document outlines strategies to increase physical activity through the shared use of recreational facilities.

2013    Fact Sheet

This resource is designed to inform the public around the connection between shared use and the role it has in addressing childhood obesity. 

2010    Fact Sheet

There are a lot of questions about joint use. This resource answers some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for California communities and districts working to implement joint use agreements in their communities. 

2010    Fact Sheet

This resource is geared toward California communities who may need assistance with talking points for joint use.

2009    Fact Sheet

This resource developed by the California Statewide Joint Use Taskforce is designed to provide the basic information in brevity on joint use. 

Fact Sheet

This brief examines characteristics of joint use agreements that were in effect during the 2009-2010 school year among a national sample of 157 public school districts.

Fact Sheet

This resource describes joint use and how to facilitate this partnership.

Fact Sheet

This resource helps practitioners to implement shared use agreements in their communities.