Healthy Communities: Websites
2021    Toolkit, Website, Video

We are pleased to offer the Mobility Justice resource page, which outlines three actions that advocates can take to reimagine how people move through their communities and address the inequities built into our transportation system. 

bike in snow
2020    Website, Video

This is a crowdsourced photo library featuring walking and rolling to schools, parks, and around the community in all types of weather - rainy, gusty, snowy, and sunny!

2016    Toolkit, Website

"Be A Roll Model" is a campaign to encourage everyone to model safe behaviors to enhance the safety of all road users, including those who bicycle.

Smart School Siting Tool Cover
2016    Toolkit, Website

EPA developed the Smart School Siting Tool to help school agencies and other local government agencies work together to better align school siting and other community development decisions.

2013    Report, Website
November 5, 2015

This report sets out 10 principles that can be used to approach building healthy communities. The principles in the report will help people live longer, more productive lives, re­duce unhealthy lifestyles, help improve a community’s competitive advantages, and allow developers, investors, local governments, and citizens to prosper.


Public Health online assist individuals interested in the Public Health field on different professions offered. In addition, the resource provides the public with expert driven information and resources on public health topics

Policy Package: Model School Siting Policies
Model Policy, Website

This website includes a fact sheet and package of school siting policies for school districts that want to ensure that their school siting decisions support the educational success, physical health, and overall well-being of students and their community.