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2016    Journal Article, Research

Key takeaway:

  • A comprehensive approach to bicycle safety incorporates bicycle education in addition to road engineering.
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2015    Journal Article

The America Needs Complete Streets report written by Dan Burden and Todd Litman was published in the April 2011 edition of ITE Journal. 

Journal Article

This study of traffic fatalities in a county in California found that pedestrian crashes are 4 times more frequent I poor neighborhoods and age of the population, education, English language fluency, nor population density explained the effect of income level.

Journal Article, Fact Sheet

This study used a computer-based model of adults’ walking behavior in a hypotheticalcity to examine the possible impact of interventions on overall walking, andon walking for different purposes, among different socioeconomic groups.

Journal Article

This study found that obesity prevalence would decrease by 22% if adolescents walked/biked to school 4–5 days per week,

Journal Article

This article analyzes the variation in bike commuting in large American cities,with a focus on assessing the influence of bike paths and lanes.

Journal Article, Research

In a March 2012 research brief, Impact of State Laws on Walking and Bicycling to School, Active Living Research was the first to examine the impact of state laws on walking and bicycling to school among a national sample of elementary schools in the United States.