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Safe Routes to School in Mississippi

Funding for Safe Routes to School 

Since 2006, projects totaling more than $11.9 million have been selected in Mississippi.There are two pots of federal dollars currently available for Safe Routes to School programs and projects. The first pot is from the old transportation law (SAFETEA-LU), and does not require matching funds. This pot is still available in many states, find out about Mississippi here. The second pot of money is from the Transportation Alternatives Program, in the current transportation bill (MAP-21), and it requires local matching funds. Find out how the Mississippi Department of Transportation is handling this transition here.

Find out more information on federal funding by exploring our MAP-21 Resource Center, reviewing the most current State of the States funding report and reading the most recent national news on Safe Routes to School.                                                                      

For other Safe Routes to School resources, check out our library of resources, webinar archive or blogs

Visit the Mississippi Safe Routes to School program website for more information.

State Outreach Programs

Four statewide organizations—Safe Kids Mississippi, Mississippi State Department of Health, Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), and Bike Walk Mississippi (BWM) have been awarded funding and will offer various outreach programs statewide.

    • The MDE completed and added to its Health in Action online database K-8 lesson plans centered on the goals of SRTS and fulfilling the health instruction requirements for K-8 students.  MDE has also developed and is administering a statewide Crossing Guard Training Program, complete with curriculum, training and approved equipment kits.
    • Bike Walk Mississippi (BWM) has contracted with MDOT in support of the SRTS program. BWM is helping with a quarterly newsletter and an education and encouragement guide that will offer ideas for these types of noninfrastructure activities based on MS examples to others in the state.
    • BWM organized the certification of 40 individuals in the state by the League of American Bicyclists who will then teach bicycle safety education in SRTS schools around the state.
    • MDOT and the MS Department of Health has also collaborated to initiate Walking School Buses throughout communities in MS as well as providing pedestrian and bicycle safety instructions to students, parents school and community leaders through the S.T.A.R.S. program.
Mississippi’s SRTS Coordinator has been trained to teach the National Center for Safe Routes to School’s National Course. The state coordinator is available to meet with communities that would like to learn more about Safe Routes, to make a formal presentation about the program to a group, and to teach the National Course on Safe Routes to School.

Evaluation Methods

Communities awarded funding are required to complete evaluations of their projects beginning with the collection of baseline data. They are required to complete the Student Travel Tally and the Parent Survey developed by the National Center for Safe Routes to School at the beginning and end of their award period and to provide the outcomes of these data collection tools to MDOT.  The SRTS coordinator and District engineers designated LPA coordinators oversee all projects to evaluate the success of infrastructure projects and noninfrastructure programs.

Other Statewide and Regional Programs

Bike Walk Mississippi

Mississippi Department of Education’s Office of Healthy Schools

Mississippi State Department of Health

Mississippi Municipal League

Partnership for Healty Mississippi

Existing Legislation and Policies

More info coming soon.

Success Stories

If you would like to submit a success story for consideration, please email it to Margaux Mennesson.

Oxford, Mississippi: Celebrated Calendar Winners

The City of Oxford, Mississippi, after being awarded Safe Routes to School funding, instituted Walking/Biking Wednesdays in September 2008 at three elementary schools and one middle school. (The middle school was also the site of engineering improvements.) They have seen an increase in the number of participants despite challenges. The Safe Routes to School project coordinator places signs in the school yards on Tuesdays reminding kids and their parents to walk the next day. Information about the Walking Wednesday program is also posted on both the city and school district websites. Kids meet in designated areas each Wednesday. There, they meet up with the regular leader of the route and are introduced to the local celebrities of the week who walk with the kids.

These local celebrities have included University of Mississippi athletes and academic leaders whose job it is to talk with the walkers about their interests and future plans and provide advice if sought. Participants receive incentives each time they walk and bike. The incentives increase concurrently with the number of times walked.  

Contact: Jeff Hallam, Ph.D., CHES
Professor, Founding Director, Center for Health Behavior Research

Amory, Mississippi: Awarded Grant to Lessen Traffic Volume

Two elementary and one middle school in Amory, MS are located within a 2-mile range of each other.  It is a small town in which children "get on their bikes and ride all across town," says Carol Rogers, coordinator for School Health and a grant writer for the school distrist. However, due to roadside ditches along roadways leading to one of these schools, West Amory Elementary, children and their parents are forced to walk in the middle of the street. In 2009, the city was awarded a $643,484 Safe Routes to School infrastructure grant from the MS DOT to construct sidewalks to the school and reroute bus traffic. A five-year plan will ensure safer routes and crossroads will be constructed for students. Read more here 

Carlos Rogers
School Health Coordinator and Amory School District Grant Writer

Howard Boozer
Mayor of Amory

Madison, Mississippi Breaks Ground on Safe Routes Infrastructure

The Mississippi Department of Transportation broke ground the week of August 17, 2012 in Madison, MS on a new project to help children walk and bike to school a little easier.

MDOT hosted a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the Madison Avenue Safe Routes to School project, which includes the construction of multi-use pathways, a new sidewalk, additional crosswalks and pedestrian signals, and new signage, all leading right up to the Madison Avenue Lower Elementary School. 

Picayune, Mississippi Receives Safe Routes to School Grant

Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) Commissioner Tom King presented Picayune Mayor Ed Pinero with a check for $100,000 to renovate and establish safe sidewalks for students attending West Side School.  The funds were part of an 80-20 grant program through which the City of Picayune will contribute $20,000 to $25,000 in matching funds.  The city anticipates work to begin on this project within the next two months after bids are reviewed.


Achievements List

Below is a selected list of the major achievements of the Mississippi State Network since January, 2010. For more information about these achievements, please contact the state network organizer, Jay Thompson.

Promoting and Getting Complete Streets Statewide

Network memberss have been promoting complete streets by giving presentations, conducting webinars and creating more awareness among city and community leaders.  The success is apparent. The cities of Columbus, Hernando, Oxford, Hattiesburg, Pascagoula, and Tupelo have adopted Complete Streets Ordinances or Resolutions.

Multi-Use Trail and Wide Paved Shoulder Resolution

With the MS Network’s input, MDOT’s Transportation Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution requiring the consideration of multi-use trails or wide-paved shoulders during the planning phases of all new and re-constructed highway facilities.

Getting Better Non-Motorized Infrastructure

The Network assists in advocating and promoting bicycle lanes and multi-use trails.  As a result, some Mississippi municipalities such as Ridgeland, Madison, Hattiesburg, and Oxford continue to build bike lanes and multi-use trails.  A total of 29 communities have received Safe Routes to School funding and the network will continue working with these communities to expand their non-motorized infratstructure. 

Safe Routes to School Conference

The last annual Mississippi Safe Routes to School conference was held in 2011 with Mark Fenton speaking for the occassioin.  There were over 135 participants that attended.

Low income Empowerment Initiative

Bike Walk Mississippi and the Mississippi Safe Routes to School Network will launch its pilot of the lower-income Empowerment Initiative. Since Mississippi is made of up of many rural and urban low income communities, this initiative will provide one-on-one consultation and assistance empowering citizens to build greater capacity and knowledge allowing them to more easily transform themselves into more livable communities.  The pilot program will take place this fall in the Midtown community of Jackson, MS.

Mississippi Partner Affiliates

Find out which organizations in your state have pledged their support for the Safe Routes to School movement. If your organization isn't yet a partner affilate, we would love for you to join us; it's free! Find more info on joining here.



Safe Routes to School Federal Program:

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