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Safe Routes to School in Minnesota

Funding for Safe Routes to School

The Minnesota Department of Transportation's Safe Routes to School program announced the awards for $3.8 million in federal grant funding for Safe Routes to School. The 2013 grant cycle received 102 applications requesting almost $15 million in funding. The money can be used for infrastructure improvements, such as sidewalk and trail repairs, education and enforcement, and planning assistance. More information on these awards are available here.

Since 2005, MnDOT has given out $16.2 million in Safe Routes to School grants. There are two pots of federal dollars currently available for Safe Routes to School programs and projects. The first pot is from the old transportation law (SAFETEA-LU), and does not require matching funds. This pot is still available in many states, find out about Minnesota here. The second pot of money is from the Transportation Alternatives Program, in the current transportation bill (MAP-21), and it requires local matching funds. Find out how the Minnesota Department of Transportation is handling this transition here.

Find out more information on federal funding by exploring our MAP-21 Resource Center, reviewing the most current State of the States funding report and reading the most recent national news on Safe Routes to School.

Visit the Minnesota Safe Routes to School program website for more information.

State Outreach Programs

The Minnesota Safe Routes to School program is currently piloting a bicycle and pedestrian safety curriculum designed to target students K-8. More information is available here, under "SRTS Curriculum - Education Training".

State Advisory Committee

Minnesota’s state advisory committee is made up of members from the State Departments of Education, Health and Public Safety. The committee is evaluating various roles and opportunities to leverage key stakeholder resources to support our goal of more children safely walking and bicycling.

Minnesota Partner Affiliates

Find out which organizations in your state have pledged their support for the Safe Routes to School movement. If your organization isn't yet a partner affilate, we would love for you to join us; it's free! Find more info on joining here.

Existing Legislation and Policies

In May 2013, the Minnesota legislature agreed to provide $500,000 in state dollars for the 2013-2014 Safe Routes to School program. This is the first-ever commitment in the MN state transportation budget to ensure that state funds are available to improve conditions for children to safely walk and bicycle to school. This funding will support non-infrastructure and help communities plan Safe Routes to School programs, provide training for staff and volunteers and reinforce other non-infrastructure programs that are crucial to a successful Safe Routes to School. Minnesota also recently included a clause in its Transportation Finance bill that requires MNDoT to fund the federal Transportation Alternatives program (TAP) at previous SAFETEA-LU levels (33 percent higher than TAP), despite the federal cuts to Transportation Alternatives. The initial estimate is that MN, as a result of the clause, will be spending $6 million more a year for bicycle and pedestrian projects.

The Governor signed the Omnibus Transportation bill into law on May 10, 2012, making Safe Routes to School officially signed into law. The Safe Routes to School language may be found in Session Law Ch. 287 (HF2685) in Article 3, Section 45 or click here for the Safe Routes to School language as it appears in the unofficial session law. This was a true coalition effort. A coalition of 34 organizations came together to support the Safe Routes to School legislation. These organizations included a wide range of stakeholders spanning health, bicycle, transit/transportation, education, and local government. Coalition partners mobilized their constituencies to reach out to lawmakers and the media at key points in the process.

Success Stories

If you would like to submit a success story for consideration, please email it to Margaux Mennesson.

Robbinsdale schools are getting kids to use leg power
A Brooklyn Center school has launched a program to get kids walking and bicycling. Five schools in the Robbinsdale district are also taking part. Click here to read more.

Fond du Lac Reservation Completes Safe Routes to School Plan - January 2010
There is a new addition to the diversity of Safe Routes to School planning in the State of Minnesota. The Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Tribe has become the first Indian tribe in the State to have completed a Safe Routes to School plan. Click here to read more.

Minnesota’s State Advisory Committee is made up of members from the State Departments of Education, Health, and Public Safety. The Committee is evaluating various roles and opportunities to leverage key stakeholder resources to support our goal of more children safely walking and biking.


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