SAFETEA-LU: Federal Funding Program

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is responsible for administering the $612 million in federal funds (FY05-09) that were authorized for the state Safe Routes to School programs. Congress has extended the program at $183 million per year starting in FY2010 until a long-term transportation reauthorization is complete. FHWA has several important resources to assist in the process of program implementation and planning at the state level.

State Contacts for SRTS

FHWA urges all interested parties to directly contact their State Safe Routes to School Coordinator for information about their state program.

Guidance on Safe Routes to School

Each State Department of Transportation is required to establish its own SRTS program within the bounds of the federal legislation and the FHWA guidance to states. We encourage state-level advocates to become familiar with the FHWA guidance requirements.

State Funding

FHWA makes funding available to states on an annual basis to implement Safe Routes to School programs for the fiscal years 2005 through 2009. State funding allocations are based on the enrollment of students in elementary and middle schools in states. Each state receives a minimum of $1 million for each of the aforementioned years for infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects.

National Center for SRTS

When Congress approved the legislation for SRTS in SAFETEA-LU, it was mandated that FHWA establish a National Clearinghouse to provide programmatic resources for SRTS. The University of North Carolina Highway Research Center holds this $6 milion federal contract for the Clearinghouse and in 2006 established the National Center for Safe Routes to School.