2014 Application for Technical Assistance

If you are working to make streets safer or to increase access to playgrounds and parks so that children and families in your community can have more opportunities for physical activity – we can help!

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership can assist your efforts to make your community a place where kids can easily be active and healthy.  We are offering free technical assistance to successful applicants working in underserved communities on campaigns to obtain shared use agreements, Complete Streets policies, or other policies in support of walking, bicycling and Safe Routes to School. 

Technical assistance can range from providing resources, to assisting with the creation of campaign plans and platforms, to developing communications strategies and coaching to ensure a successful campaign.  Your plans can either be in the early stages or nearing policy adoption.  Successful applicants will receive technical assistance over the next eight months.

Simply describe your community need in detail on the application form provided and our staff of experts will assess and work with each successful applicant to help you achieve your goals. Applications are due September 26th, 2014, by 5pm ET. If you have any questions during the application process, please contact Mikaela Randolph, shared use campaign manager: mikaela@saferoutespartnership.org .

Application Process

Instructions: Please complete all questions on the application form. When you are finished, save the form as a PDF and email to activeplaces@saferoutespartnership.org.

A Word document form is also available if you are unable to use the PDF form.

All completed applications will be scored, with total possible points totaling 100 points.  Scores will be based on how well your application shows: (1) that your campaign will have a significant impact on children’s physical activity and health; (2) that your campaign will involve, focus on, and benefit lower-income communities or communities of color; and (3) that you have a demonstrated readiness to take your campaign to the next level and reach your goal.  

Need help?

We are happy to provide assistance in completing the application form. Please contact Mikaela Randolph at mikaela@saferoutespartnership.org.