National Learning Network

The National Learning Network serves all 50 states in sharing information and best practices on state and regional/local policies that increase funding for Safe Routes to School and related policies and programs that help get children more active and safe to and from school and in daily life. The network focuses on increasing the number of policies and projects across the country that result in more sidewalks, bikeways and safer street crossings, more physical activity, and increased safety and access for walking and bicycling, especially in lower-income communities. Practitioners, advocates, decision makers and experts are encouraged to use this network to share best practices, model policies and programs and to share technical assistance resources through online tools such as a Library of Resources, a blog and a monthly webinar series (see below).

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Library of Resources: 

Resources related to Physical Activity, Health and the Built Environment

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The Library of Resources contains downloadable documents on reports, state, local/regional model policies, program and policy success stories, case studies, tip sheets, research and other informational resources that showcase the best practices and successes of Safe Routes to School and related efforts around the country.


Go to our Webinars

Our technical assistance webinar series features expert speakers, a chat feature for participants and archived downloadable post-webinar recordings. Featuring experts from health, transportation, policy advocacy and planning, these free webinars are conducted once a month and cover advocacy topics such as how to get Safe Routes to School funds awarded and obligated in states, best practices for state Safe Routes to School programs, how to advocate for programs and policies in lower income communities, and much more.


Visit our Blog

This blog includes posts about new research, reports, model policies and successes in states and local communities around the country on various topics related to Safe Routes to School, including federal funding, Complete Streets, school siting and joint use, major Safe Routes to School program successes and more.

Technical Assistance

We offer technical assistance to local, regional and state leaders such as advocates, agencies and decision makers on all aspects of Safe Routes to School and related initiatives and policies. Our efforts include technical assistance to local Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) and Community Transformation Grant (CTG) communities,  fee-for-service contract work, assistance with report writing and other elements of our National Learning Network.

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