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Toward Zero Traffic Deaths and Equitable Mobility for All

Collectively, there is an attitude that traffic crashes “just happen” and are inevitable, as unfortunate as that may be. Vision Zero turns that idea on its head by arguing that no one should be injured or killed while moving around their community regardless of their mode of travel.

Crunch Time for Congress and the States

After spending August at home in their districts, Members of Congress are returning to Washington with a packed agenda ahead of them in September. Congress must raise the federal debt limit to avoid defaulting on our national debt and extend funding through the appropriations process to keep the government running.  


Safe Routes to (More Than) Schools

safe routes to healthy food

This blog post was written by Elizabeth Hartig, American Planning Association, and was developed in partnership with Marisa C. Jones, healthy communities manager, Safe Routes to School National Partnership, and Amy Verbofsky, senior planner, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.

Congressional Confusion: Tax Cuts or Infrastructure Up Next?

The latest version of the health care repeal bill is down for the count after the Senate voted against moving forward, leaving the Prevention Fund intact for the time being. The big question is what does Congress move on to now? There is a lot of pressure on Republicans to deliver some sort of big legislative priority.

How to Grow Responsible Road Users

In the Netherlands, approximately 50 percent of primary school children ride their bikes to school, and even more ride their bikes to secondary school.1 What’s more, Dutch cyclists are about 30 times less likely to get injured cycling than Americans. This begs the question: how do they achieve such high levels of ridership and low rates of injury?

Transportation, Goods Movement and Environmental Justice in the Inland Empire

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