Our Leadership and Staff


Board Chair

Risa Wilkerson Risa Wilkerson 
Board Chair
Risa Wilkerson serves as the Safe Routes to School National Partnership Board Chair and strategic advisor to the National Partnership staff.
Chapel Hill, NC


Senior Staff Leadership

Margo Pedroso Margo Pedroso
Deputy Director
Margo manages government relations, grassroots lobbying, policy research and analysis and report writing to advance the Safe Routes to School national movement. 
Fort Washington, MD 
margo@saferoutespartnership.org | (301) 292-1043
peter kodzis Peter Kodzis 
Finance Director 
Peter manages the organization’s financial, accounting and risk management operations.
Oakland, CA 
peter@saferoutespartnership.org | (510) 262-9087
Beth Richards Beth Richards
Development and Marketing Director

Beth manages all the fundraising activities of the Partnership including corporate sponsorships, cause marketing partnerships and individual giving campaigns.
Concord, NH
beth@saferoutespartnership.org | (603) 230-2425
Sara Zimmerman Sara Zimmerman
Technical Assistance Director 
Sara directs the Technical Assistance program to support communities in obtaining the resources and advice they need to increase physical activity and safe walking and bicycling for children and adults.
Berkeley, CA
sara@saferoutespartnership.org | (510) 883-1020



Keith Benjamin Keith Benjamin 
Street Scale Campaign Manager
Keith coordinates public policy campaigns at state and local levels to advance Complete Streets and Safe Routes to School policies and increase physical activity in underserved communities.
Washington, DC
keith@saferoutespartnership.org |
matthew colvin

Matthew Colvin
Federal Policy Manager
Matthew leads the National Partnership’s legislative strategy on Capitol Hill and with federal agencies to advance the Safe Routes to School national movement.
Washington, DC
matthew@saferoutespartnership.org | (202) 847-0240

Ryan Day Ryan Day
State Network Manager
Ryan guides the work of the state advocacy organizers working in seven network states: California, Florida, Ohio, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Tennessee.
Olympia, WA
ryan@saferoutespartnership.org | (720) 441-2477
christine green Christine Godward Green 
Washington, DC Regional Policy Manager 
Christine works on funding policies and priorities to advance Safe Routes to School in the Washington, DC region.
P.O. Box 15737 / Washington, DC 20003 
christine@saferoutespartnership.org | (202) 596-1328
michelle lieberman Michelle Lieberman
Technical Assistance Project Manager
Michelle provides technical assistance to local communities that are seeking to improve their built environment and Safe Routes to School initiatives. 
Orange County, CA 
michelle@saferoutespartnership.org |(949) 215-4542
marty martinez Marty Martinez, MPP 
Bay Area Policy Manager
Marty works to strengthen our diverse networks in the Bay Area to support policies and funding for Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets and creating healthy communities. 
San Francisco, CA 
marty@saferoutespartnership.org | (415) 637-6488
jessica meaney Jessica Meaney
Southern California Policy Director
Jessica works on statewide Safe Routes to School policy reform as well as funding policies and priorities for California. 
830 Traction Ave / Los Angeles, CA 90013
jessica@saferoutespartnership.org | (213) 210-8136
sophia mellow Sophia Mellow
Fire Up Your Feet Manager
Sophia manages the Fire Up Your Feet program to inspire families, students and schools to be healthy and physically active. 
San Diego, CA 
sophia@saferoutespartnership.org | (619) 600-5626
margaux mennesson
Margaux Mennesson
Communications Manager
Margaux manages communications and marketing activities for the National Partnership, including production of the E-News, website, press materials, and other publications.
Portland, OR
margaux@saferoutespartnership.org | (503) 313-6400
Rosie Mesterhazy Rosie Mesterhazy
School and Family Engagement Manager
Rosie manages the expansion of Fire Up Your Feet, an initiative developed to inspire families, students and schools to be healthy and physically active.
Oakland, CA
rosie@saferoutespartnership.org | (510) 465-2024
kate moening

Kate Moening
Ohio Advocacy Organizer
Kate works to advance statewide Safe Routes to School policy as well as funding policies and priorities for Ohio.
P.O. Box 30447 / Gahanna, OH 43230
kate@saferoutespartnership.org | (614) 269-7085
Heather Murphy

Heather Murphy
Florida Advocacy Organizer
Heather works to advance statewide Safe Routes to School policy as well as funding policies and priorities for Florida. 
Tallahassee, FL 
heather@saferoutespartnership.org | (850) 228-0028

Mikaela Randolph Mikaela Randolph
Shared Use Campaign Manager
Mikaela works with states and localities nationally to advance shared use agreements and policy adoption ensuring that underserved communities have access to physical activity opportunities. 
Los Angeles, CA 
mikaela@saferoutespartnership.org | (323) 792-4606
kari schlosshauer Kari Schlosshauer
Pacific Northwest Regional Policy Manager
Kari Schlosshauer serves as the Pacific Northwest Regional Policy Manager, where she works to increase funding opportunities and improve transportation policies that support safe walking and bicycling for children and families in the Portland metro region.
Portland, OR
kari@saferoutespartnership.org | (503) 734-0813
Nora Shepard Nora Shepard
New Jersey Advocacy Organizer

Nora works to advance statewide Safe Routes to School policy as well as funding policies and priorities for New Jersey. 
Jersey City, NJ
nora@saferoutespartnership.org | (435) 901-0098
Molly Simon Molly Simon
Operations Manager

Molly is responsible for assisting the National Partnership's leadership with financial, human resources, operational and event planning tasks and spearheads the organization's technical support. 
San Francisco, CA
molly@saferoutespartnership.org | (510) 250-9326
christy smith Christy Smith
Tennessee Advocacy Organizer
Christy works to advance statewide Safe Routes to School policy as well as funding policies and priorities for Tennessee. 
Chattanooga, TN 
christy@saferoutespartnership.org | (423) 227-7009
carrie turner Carrie Turner
Southern States Coordinator
Carrie supports policy work and facilitates opportunities for multi-state collaboration in Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee .
Asheville, NC
carrie@saferoutespartnership.org | (828) 505-8422
jeanie ward-waller Jeanie Ward-Waller
California Advocacy Organizer 
Jeanie works to advance statewide Safe Routes to School policy as well as funding policies and priorities for California.
Sacramento, CA
jeanie@saferoutespartnership.org | (401) 241-8559
stephanie smith Stephanie Weber
Regional Network Manager 
Stephanie guides the work of the regional policy managers working in five regions - Atlanta, GA, District of Columbia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California and Portland. OR.
Williamsburg, VA
stephanie@saferoutespartnership.org | (757) 871-8639


Contractors and Consultants

Deb Hubsmith Deb Hubsmith
Strategic Advisor (on medical leave in 2014)
Deb will serve as a strategic advisor consulting with the National Partnership starting in 2015. She was the founder and initial director of the National Partnership and is a nationally respected leader in Safe Routes and other active transportation advocacy efforts.  
Send cards and well wishes to: P.O. Box 663 / Fairfax, CA 94978. Follow her progress at www.lovehealingdeb.com.
jay thompson Jay Thompson
Mississippi Advocacy Organizer
Jay works to advance statewide Safe Routes to School policy as well as funding policies and priorities for Mississippi. 
PMB 10414-HCC
P.O. Box 1100 / Raymond, MS 39154-1100
jay@saferoutespartnership.org | (601) 885-2334



Our Headquarters

Safe Routes to School National Partnership
2323 Broadway Ave., Ste 109B
Oakland, CA 94612